Abkhazia is both a state and a country spanning 8,660 km squared and a base population approximately

190,000 residents and a base recruitable population of 2.25k with a monthly grow of 4 recruitable population and a grow of 95 for Civilian population

Politics Edit

Abkhazia starts off as a Social Democratic government (Apsny) lead by Vladislav Ardzinba with elections every 5 years

The Apsny starts off with a popularity of 66% of the ideological/political pie chart and is contested by the Conservative party (United Abkhazia) with a popularity of 23% of the ideological and political pie chart

Diplomacy Edit

Akbhazia has close relations with Russia due to the military access and the independence being guaranteed.

There are no countries that dislikes Abkhazia at the start of the game

All social Democratic countries has an opinion of Abkhazia of at least +10

Military Edit

Akbhazia starts off with 3 Motor Rifle Brigades ( 1 light mechanized,1 support artillery) and 1 Artillery Regiment ( 1 artillery) with a navy of 3 destroyers

National Spirits Edit

Akbhazia is Partially Recognized by the United Nations which gives a debuff of -0.25 political power

Influences Include: Reactionary Influence (1), Conservative Influence (3) and Social Democratic (6)

Akbhazia has a stagnant birth rate which grants a debuff of -60% monthly population and a buff of -4% research time

Akbhazia has an Average Stability

Borders Edit

Abkhazia borders Russia to the north and Georgia to the east

Terrain Edit

The south of Abkhazia is quite flat with Plains in 2 provinces whereas the north is very mountainous

Factories Edit

Abkhazia starts off with 2 Civilian Factories