Afghanistan is a country spanning 652,000 square kilometers and a base population of approximately 33 Million and a base recruitable population of 1.12 million with a monthly growth of 2.9k for recruitable population and 83k for civilian population

Politics Edit

Afghanistan starts off as an Islamic Republic (Taliban) lead by Mohammed Omar with no elections.

The Taliban starts off with a popularity of 60% of the political pie chart and is contested by the Conservative Party (Republican Party) with a popularity of 20% of the political pie chart.

Diplomacy Edit

Afghanistan has a unique diplomacy in-game. The U.S.A, recently having a major terrorist attack ( September 11th Attacks) In the Focus Tree, The AI would at some point in time pick the ''Invade Afghanistan'' Option (Or Support Afghan Rebels Varying on If You're Playing Historically) and thus declaring war of Afghanistan.

If the U.S does pick Support Afghan Rebels, a conservative civil war is ignited in Afghanistan.

At the start of the game, there is no country that dislikes Afghanistan but is rather neutral towards the caliphate, excluding other Islamic republics which has a +5 opinion of them for having the same ideology.

Military Edit

Afghanistan starts off with a military comprising of 7 Infantry Unit (4 infantry units and 1 support artillery) and 2 Armored Unit (5 Modern Tanks, 2 Infantry Units and 1 Support Artillery).

They have no naval power due to having no means of being able to have a naval base, due to the country being landlocked at the start.

National Spirits Edit

Afghanistan starts off with an insane birth rate which grants a buff of 125% monthly population growth and a debuff of 12% consumer goods.

Afghanistan is a partially recognized state which grants the debuff of -0.25 political power.

Afghanistan has very low stability.

Influences include: Islamist Influence (6) Conservative Influence (2) Libertarian influence (1) Social Liberal Influence (1) Social Democratic (1).

Borders Edit

Afghanistan borders Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to the north, China (East Turkestan) to the far East and Pakistan to the south.

Terrain Edit

Afghanistan to the south is a pure desert and very mountainous in the north.

Factories Edit

Afghanistan starts off with 4 Civilian Factories and 1 Military factory.