Armenia is a landlocked nation surrounded by Turkey from the west, Iran from the south, Nagorno-Karabakh from the east, Azerbaijan from the east and west, and Georgia from the North. Armenia has a starting population of 2.97 million.

Ideology Edit

Armenia's ruling party is Conservative, which starts out with 40%. The second closest party is Reactionary, which has 30%. The other two parties with any sort of footing is Libertarian with 15% and Communist with 10%. The rest of the pie-chart goes to Progressive and Socialist with a combined total of 5%

Diplomacy Edit

Armenia itself does not have very many diplomatic events, but it is a part of CSTO. (CSTO comprises of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Armenia) Armenia also guarantees and has military access to Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia has the "Rival" (Which gives a -100 relations to the target country) relation to both Turkey and Azerbaijan. The country has a claim on Nakchivan, which is owned by Azerbaijan.

Military Edit

Armenia has 18 divisions to it's army at the start. The 18 divisions are comprised of 13 Motor Rifle Regiments (1 Modern Tank, 1 Mechanized and Light Mechanized, and one Motorized) 3 Rifle Regiments (3 Infantry, one Light Tank) 1 Artillery Brigade (Three Artillery) and one Special Forces Brigade (3 Mountaineers)

National Spirits Edit

Armenia has no national spirits in 2000

Government Policies - 2000 Start Edit

Conscription Law - Limited Conscription

Trade Law - Export Focus

Economy Law - Civillian Economy

Tax Policy - Moderate Taxes

Immigration Policy - Heavily Regulated

Popularities I - 2000 Start Edit

Communist Influence: 1

Libertarian Influence: 2

Popularities II - 2000 Start Edit

Conservative Influence: 4

Reactionary Influence: 3

National Circumstances Edit

Stability - Average Stability

Birth Rate - Stagnant Birth Rate

Factories Edit

Armenia has 4 factories from the start- One military, and three civilian factories. Armenia also has 8 building slots right from the get-go.