Communism is a form of government based on social equality and collective ownership of the means of production.

  • Marxism: "Encompassing a broad spectrum of economic and historical views, Marxist politics seek to apply the theories of Karl Marx to political practice. Class struggle and the need for transition to a society based on common ownership of the means of production characterize these ideologies."
  • Leninism: "A political ideology based in Marxist thought, Leninism seeks to establish a socialist state by a vanguard party leading a revolution overthrowing capitalist society. Once in power, the party rules through a system whereby policies are open for internal debate until a decision has been made."
  • Stalinism: "Identifying as a form of government applying and developing Marxist-Leninist policies, Stalinism emphasizes rapid industrialization and collectivization as well as the need for a strong, authoritarian socialist state to purge any counter-revolutionary elements."
  • Juche: "Is a form of nationalistic communism developed by the Kim dynasty in North Korea."
  • Maoism: "Mao has developed an own form of Marxism after the 'Great Leap Forward'. Maoists see themselves on the path of Mao and Lenin and are willing to bring the revolution to the workers of the world."