• Gaulism: "Is an ideology of semi-national and semi-continental conservatism modeled after French President and former General Charles de Gaul."
  • Christian Democrat: "Believe in freedom and equality for all, but with certain constraints on society that follow the model of the Bible. They are generally opposed to reform regarding homosexual rights and to big tyrannic governments."
  • Fiscal Conservative: "Fiscal Conservatives do not care about ideology and world view, they only care about commerce and personal freedom. They will trade with anyone that trades with them and they will pursue prosperity rather than military expansion."
  • Constitutionalists: "Constitutionalists believe that the foundation of the country is not negotiable. They despise social and economic change that takes away from the picture the country was founded on. Some call then stagnant, but under them, businesses know where their place is and what their rights are, making the economy trust the government."
  • Right Wing Conservatism: "Right Wing Conservatism is often seen as the rightmost edge of the democratic spectrum. A right wing conservative party is somewhere between classical conservatism and reactionary thought."