The Czech Republic (or Czechia), not to be confused with Czechoslovakia, is a country in Central Europe. The Czech Republic shares borders with Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland and if liberated, Bavaria. It starts as a part of NATO and V4 (Visegrád Group). If the game is started in 2016, it will also be in the EU.

Political parties

Name Ideology Leader 2000 Leader 2016
Fascist Fascist
Nationalist Nationalist
Monarchist Monarchist
Úsvit Reactionary Probably Tomio Okamura
TOP 09 Conservative Miroslav Kalousek (If like IRL)
ANO 2011 Market Liberals Andrej Babiš (If like IRL)
ODS Libertarian Petr Fiala (If like IRL)
ČSSD Social Democrat Václav Havel (Not True, he was not in ČSSD) Bohuslav Sobotka
SZ Proggresive
Socialist Socialist
KSČM Vojtěch Filip
Islamist Islamist