Denmark, a minor nation both in in this mod and Real Life, borders Germany to the south, and to the east they share a connection with Sweden.

Politics Edit

2000 Edit

Denmark starts out as a socialist democracy with elections every four years; the next of which falls in March 2002. The country begins with the Socialdemokratiet party in power under the leadership of Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.

Military Edit

2000 Edit

The Royal Danish Army starts off with 3 Mechanized Brigades cosssnsisting of 2 mechanized battalions and 1 armor battalion in each. The brigades are supported by Artillery, Engineers, Recon and a Logistics Company.

The Army also has some independent units, consisting of a armor battalion and an artillery battalion. Supported by Anti Air, Engineers, Recon and a Logistics Company.

The Royal Danish Navy consists of 4 Thetis Class Frigates, 3 Niels Juel class Corvettes and 2 Tumleren class Submarines.

The Airforce consists primarily of x62 F-16AM MLU Multi-Role jets.