Nationalist has 3 subideologies, autocrat, national democrat and proto fascist.

"Autocrats do not care about ideology, they only care about power and how to acquire and maintain it. Reactionary schools of thought are used to suppress liberal, communist, and nationalistic movements. Every path to power is justified."

"National Democrats, though believing in the ideals of the French Revolution, want to limit these ideals to only a certain group of people, either dividing them by heritage or by language."

"Proto fascists are to some the very last democrats on the politcal right wing, to others they are populistic fascists. They advocate militarism, nationalism, and to some extent racial purity. Their belief in democracy only goes as far as the current politcal situation requires."

Rules Edit

  • Can Guarantee other ideologies.
  • Can send volunteer forces.
  • Lowers World Tension with Guarantees.
  • Join faction tension limit: +50%
  • Elections only occur in National Democracies.