The Philippines is an island nation in the Asian continent near the nations of China, (PRC and Taiwan), Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Philippines has a starting population of 96.78 Million.

Ideology Edit

The Philippines starts out as Socialist (PMP), with 20%. The biggest majority however is Lakas-CMD (Conservative) with 35%. The next largest besides Socialism is Libertarian (LDP) with also 20%. The Communists (Makabayan) have 10%, with the rest of the parties having minorities, like the Progressives (Greens), the Social Democrats (PDP-Laban), and the Social Liberals (Liberal Party) all having 5%

Diplomacy Edit

Much like many of the minors in Millennium Dawn, the Philippines doesn't have very many diplomatic related events. The Philippines does get a +10 with any nation that happens to be Socialist due to the "Same Ruling Party" relations bonus.

Military Edit

The Philippines has 11 divisions in the 2000 start. The 11 divisions are made up from seven Infantry Division templates (Field Hospital, Engineer Company, Recon Company, 4 Motorized, 2 Mechanized Infantry.) Two Special Forces templates (4 Paratroopers, Recon Company.) One Light Armor Brigade template (Engineer Company, 1 Light Tank, 2 Mechanized Infantry.) And one Main Infantry Division template (Field Hospital, Engineer Company, Recon Company, Support Artillery, 10 Motorized, 5 Light Mechanized.)

National Spirits/Government Policies/Party Popularity/National Circumstances Edit

Philippines has no national spirits in either starts


Government Policies - 2000 Start Edit

Conscription Law - Volunteer Only

Trade Law - Export Focus

Economy Law - Civilian Economy

Tax Policy - Moderate Taxes

Immigration Policy - Heavily Regulated

Party Popularity Edit

Communist Influence - 1

Socialist Influence - 2

Progressive Influence - 1

Social Democrat Influence - 1

Social Liberal Influence - 1

Libertarian Influence - 2

Conservative Influence - 4

Reactionary Influence - 0

Nationalist Influence - 0

Fascist Influence - 0

Islamic Influence - 0

National Circumstances Edit

Stability - Low Stability

Birth Rate - Dangerous Birth Rate