start as part of Canada but can and can be granted independence

Québec is spanning 1,667 million km² with 2 air bases and one port. It also has a base population of 7.63 million people and a base recruitable population of 19.95k with a monthly grow of 49 recruitable population and grow of 9.51k for the civilian population

Politics Edit

Québec starts off as a Social Democratic government lead by Gille Duceppe at the 2000 start date and Martine Ouellet at the 2016 start date

The Social-Democratic party of Québec start with popularity of 55% of the ideological/political pie chart the rest of the pie is divided among the Nationalist at 25%, the Reactionaries at 17% and progressive with 3%

Borders Edit

Québec share boders with both Canada (east and west) and the United States (south)

Terrain Edit

Québec's terrain mostly consist of hills (south), forrest (middle) and plains (north)

Factories Edit

Québec start with 3 civilian factories