The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a (mostly) island nation in Western Europe bordering the Republic of Ireland and the Kingdom of Spain. It also has a sizable amount of British Overseas Territories which were islands it colonized back in its glory days.

Politics Edit

2000 Edit

In the year 2000, Britain starts of with Tony Blair who is leader of the Social Democratic party "Labour" who have 46% support.

The Social Conservatives "The Conservative Party" is led by William Hague at 31.6%.

The Social Liberal "Liberal Democrats" is led by Charles Kennedy at 16.50%.

Then there are the other parties that make the support add up to 100%.

2016 Edit

In the year 2016, Britain starts of with David Cameron who is leader of the Conservative party "The "Conservative Party" who have 37% support.

The Social Democratic "Labour" is led by Jeremy Corbyn at 35%.

The Reactionary "The United Kingdom Independence Party" is led by Nigel Farage at 14.60%.

Then there is the other parties that make the support add up to 100%

United Kingdom picks the path of going with Europe in the focus tree

Other Notes Edit

Please remember to tell Walcanarus to actually work on the United Kingdom update that actually makes it so the United Kingdom's leaders change and you don't get stuck with Tony Blair leading the Labour party and being Prime Minister in the year 2006 to even beyond the 2010s.